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  Why One Motion?

Theory makes sense ...

... this technique is based upon a simple concept: shooters that utilize the path of least resistance along the shot line get better results. Proper execution allows the player to experience:

  • a quicker release

  • consistent form

  • greater accuracy

Optimum results ...

... One Motion gives all players the best possible chance to make their shot. Why? The ball does not deviate from its path or speed along the shot line. Momentum flows freely throughout the process, giving shooters better "touch" or "feel." At the release point, the ball is on an arc path between 42 and 48 degrees. This has been proven to yield the most baskets.

Easy to learn ...

... Two simple steps, easily learned in a short period of time. Both work in harmony to produce a smooth and effortless shooting motion.

  • Step 1: Set

  • Step 2: Go