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  Rick relates well with kids by taking them as they are and showing them how to become better without rushing the teaching process. He spent half the day making sure each student understood the new technique, which impressed me, because as coaches we sometimes hit the ground running and leave half the players behind. He also made sure all had a full understanding of what was being taught before moving to the next step and extra time was given to those players with questions. One aspect of the clinic that stood out in my mind was having the students teach each other. Teaching someone else always leads to a greater understanding for you.

The One Motion Shooting Technique has given my girls a much better flow to their shot. In the past, they would set and then shoot, but now they have one continuous motion, which gives them a quicker release and more power. We will use One Motion throughout the season as I feel this technique will increase our shooting percentages. Last year we shot 32% from the field and 59% from the line. We’ll let you know the results once the season ends.

Alan Ayers
Girls Head Basketball Coach
Abilene Wylie H.S.

I have never seen anybody teach shooting as well as Rick Penny. His instruction was individualized for each of my players and they benefited a great deal. He is also the purest shooter I have ever seen. He can translate this skill to youngsters because his technique is simple and rock solid.

Rick can teach your kids how to shoot a basketball!

Jerry Stone
Head Boys Basketball Coach / Rockwall H.S.
Former National Champions Coach at Midland College
(Coached NBA players Spud Webb and Mookie Blaylock)

Over the last few years, our son Zach has been to several basketball camps including Texas Tech and Hardin-Simmons. We truly feel that the lessons given by Rick Penny
have benefited him the most.

Wendy and Clay Jones
Brady, Texas

I am extremely happy with the technique you taught my girls and your FREE FLOW ZONE will benefit them greatly. Using a centralized and continuous motion helps any shooter lift and launch the ball as opposed to hitching and slinging it. I feel your message definitely gets back to the basics of basketball- pure shooting.

Jake Womack
Girls Head Basketball Coach
Breckenridge H.S.

Thanks for everything. My girls were very impressed and they continually try to apply what you taught and that says more than anything. The techniques you teach are easy to understand and that is what makes your clinic one of the best I have been around.
Again, I appreciate what you did and how you did it.

Terry Burelsmith
Girls Head Basketball Coach
Loop H.S.

I thought the clinic was great! You broke the steps down and pointed out flaws in each shooter’s stroke. The One Motion Shooting Technique is quick, natural and it improved the kid’s accuracy in a short period of time. I also think your technique is easier to remember and do. My players had a wonderful time and it was money and time well spent.

Steve Schreiner
Boys Head Basketball Coach
Loop H.S.

I saw and, more importantly, my players felt improvement almost immediately. Concentrating on one motion helps ease muscle memory and eliminates wasted movement. I am constantly trying to find ways to improve our shooting and at the same time quicken our release both off the pass and dribble. I believe that Rick Penny’s One Motion philosophy is the best combination I have come across.

Because of the limited numbers allowed at the clinic, Rick works individually with each player and can make adjustments that are very specific and focused. Also, Rick’s amazing ability to shoot the ball serves as a tremendous example for my players’ future success, if they will continue to shoot the ball with One Motion.

Russell Perkins
Boys Head Basketball Coach
2004 North All-Star Coach / Texas High School Coaches Association All-Star Game
Abilene Wylie H.S.

Rick Penny’s One Motion Shooting is amazing. My two daughters worked with Rick and before my eyes their rate of accuracy and consistency improved immensely. In a matter of minutes, he was able to make minor adjustments which led to major improvements based on their individual needs. I have recommended others who have sought Rick’s One Motion Shooting, and all have reported the same type of results.

Connie Humphreys
Brady, Texas

I have two children that have taken shooting lessons from Rick Penny. Although my daughter no longer plays basketball, her shooting improved tremendously and she enjoyed every session. My son is the one who benefited the most from the sessions. I felt he was a good shooter until he began to work with Rick. I saw a big improvement after the first session. His shooting average improved and he felt more comfortable shooting the ball during games.

I have told everyone who wants their children to become better shooters that Rick is truly the best shooting coach in the State of Texas. Not only is he a good teacher, he is respected and well liked by my children. I have often told people who talk about sending their kids to the high dollar basketball camps to save their money and go to Rick for better results. Rick works with each student individually and they are not sharing 6-10 instructors with hundreds of other kids. I am a true Rick Penny fan and I have nothing but positive things to say about him.

Mickey Holloway
Brady, Texas

Rick Penny was the finest collegiate shooter I ever had the pleasure of watching. Unfortunately, he was not playing for us. Over the years Rick has exhibited his ability to teach shooting skills to his players. His high school teams were always great shooters and very difficult to play against because of that shooting ability. I have visited with Rick regarding his teaching techniques and they are simple, easy to learn and very effective. Any youngster wanting to improve his/her shooting technique should definitely attend one of Rick’s clinics.

Terry Priest
Assistant Athletic Director of Fort Bend ISD
Former Head Boys Basketball Coach at The Woodlands H.S.
Sugarland, Texas

Playing NCAA basketball, I was voted defensive player of the year for two straight years at Abilene Christian University. Rick Penny was the only player that I could not stop from scoring 20+ points a game.

Without a doubt, Rick was not the quickest player on the court, but had an amazing ability to shoot the basketball. His quick release, rhythm, and balance were truly amazing to watch.

I did not know what a “pure shooter” was until playing and watching Rick Penny. His technique and style would be a great advantage to any player on any level of basketball.

Paul Palmer
Former NCAA Player and Coach
Euless, Texas

One Motion Shooting is a great clinic. Nowhere else can you get such individualized instruction for so many hours by a coach the caliber of Rick Penny. The video breakdown was a huge benefit for the kids so they could recognize their flaws. It was definitely the best money spent by my players over the summer.

I know One Motion works because Rick Penny was my high school coach and it just makes sense. It incorporates trigger words that help train athletes to focus on good shooting habits. It works for all levels, boys or girls. Even the so called “great” shooters can learn a quicker release as well as increase their accuracy.

Steven Dibble
Boys Head Basketball Coach
Klein Oak H.S.
Spring, Texas

Your clinic is definitely needed in today’s basketball and our girls responded very well to the One Motion Technique. One parent told me his daughter’s shot is now smoother and softer and he would like for you to work with her once or twice a year. We will continue to encourage the girls to practice your technique because that is what it takes, practice, practice, and practice.

Melissa Kellermeier
Wall, Texas